Who We Are

About Us

We as “ BISDAKSBisayang Daku ” & frequent domestic travelers have always been puzzled simply because we can’t find daily discounts tailor-fitted for the likes of us. We need daily discounts not only in Metro Manila but also in Metro Cebu, Metro Davao & other key cities in the Philippines. WE NEED MORE OPTIONS. And if there would be few, one would need to contact Metro Manila for questions, replacements, complaints, etc…

We need a local office that would be responsible for our “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”. To make the story short, these experiences which we believe shared by most travelers & “BISDAKS” led to the opening of Tihik.com.ph – is 100% Filipino owned daily discounts organization with local offices in Metro Cebu, Davao & Manila.

We LIVE for the following:

Customer Satisfaction: Our philosophy is very simple “ Reputation is the best marketing tool”. Our main business is not selling but satisfying our clients. And satisfied customers are repeat customers.
Simple, Straight forward & More Option: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder “. Same thing goes with the best deals, it should be tailor-fitted based on the clients’ wants & needs.
Innovation & Relevance: Using innovative systems we will make sure that Tihik would always be relevant to our market.
Mutual-benefit Relationship: Tihik’s family includes client base & business partners/merchants. It would be a “mutual benefit” relationship with in the family in all dealings.
Challenge our own success: We would never stop. Tihik will not be complacent & will always grow in terms of quality.
The Filipino Spirit: Every peso earned would contribute to the local economy. We will create jobs in all our local offices and hopefully would open more local support offices nationwide.
Ato ni bai! Tihik Family